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News World Order 

Building a brand to exhibit at the V&A

Exhibiting at the V&A

A group project I conducted as part of my design masters was noticed by the V&A, and we were invited to exhibit in their Friday Late exhibition series.

The project focused on fake news, dissemination of information, and the propegation of low-quality journalism.

Alongside our actual product, we created some interactive installation pieces (such as using deepfake technology to allow onlookers to make Obama speak their words in real time) to make our exhibit more engaging. 

As a result of this, we felt we needed a more provocative name for ourselves. One which conveyed a counter-culture art collective, utilising the tools of the post-truth era to draw attention to society’s vulnerabilities. And thus, News World Order was born. 

We adopted the iconic ‘troll face’ which has become synonymous with fake news and the spread of misinformation.

Hijacking it to spearhead our call for responsible media services, as well as raise awareness of ways that readers can better equip themselves against low-quality journalism and misinformation.

Below is the promotional product video which got us noticed by the V&A.

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