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Walk The Line



A London-centric public health campaign, Walk The Line promotes a healthy lifestyle by encouraging people to use music to achieve their daily minimum activity.

The NHS states that the minimum exercise for an adult to maintain a healthy lifestyle is 20 minutes of walking per day.

Music is almost unanimously enjoyed, and can be a persuasive lense to view the 20 minutes of walking - thats equivalent in length to listening to around 6 songs.

Walking to the 6 songs can be incorporated into peoples’ daily commute, 3 each way, making it very easy to achieve.

Campaign Design

Tube stations are targeted for their high footfall and unneccessary use due to pedestrians lacking knowledge of their surroundings. The posters are situated where they will have most effect, by Tube entrances to influence those about to travel. 

The iconic visual style of London Underground is hijacked, the logo is modified to contain the universal ‘play’ symbol to reinforce the idea of listening to music. The Tube Map deviates, turning the straight Tube line into winding headphones. The visual language suggests diverting from the tube and being transported by music instead.


The headphone cable metaphor is extended by giant headphone leads on the floor which lead the onlooker to the next station on the line. 

The purpose of the wayfinding is to enable and encourage people to navigate London on foot, which can’t be learnt through the use of The Underground and its stylised map.

This will likely lead to less people taking tubes as a result of not knowing the route on foot; and will encourage people to divert and walk the parts of the Tube line that are unneccessary or time inefficient for them.

Providing this information enables people to decide whether they would prefer to walk their journey, as navigational knowledge is no longer a barrier for entry.

Maps Integration

Digital maps integration is an effective point of contact, setting the bar for participation even lower and thereby engaging more people.

A 10 or 20 minute walk can be incorporated into your journey, at the point where it would be most time efficient.